ben drolet marcom award platinum winner

Award Winning Painting!

This cover painting was selected as the Platinum Marcom Award in 2013.

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Larry Fitzgeralds Social Media Artwork

Larry Fitzgerald Design

Larry Fitzgerald had me rework his social media campaign including his Facebook page, Youtube background and Twitter background and theme. I created this digital painting to help connect all three of these themes together around one powerful image that best represents Larry's personality.

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Ben Drolet Beat Rock App Design
With more than 10 years of UI design experience in desktop, Android and iOS development,  more than 10 million people are using my designs
Monkey Wars

Monkey Wars Game

The Make A Wish Foundation approached a few of us game developers and asked us if we would fulfill a wish for Ryan C. - "He wants to be a video game designer". So we got together with him and listened to his ideas. He wanted a game where monkeys throw poo - how could we turn him down?

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." Edwin Land

My Work

With more than 10 years in the design field as a professional, I have put together a large body of work in the following areas:

My Blog

For years I have used a number of outlets for my creativity – this blog is a place where I can share projects that I’ve worked on in the following types of areas:

  • Stuff I built
  • Car modifications
  • Sketches & drawings
  • Photography
  • My inspirations
  • Everything else…

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Truckin’ Magazine Wrote A Second Article on my Work!

Truckin 15 Hero

The guys at Truckin’ Magazine have done it again. Thanks to the staff over there for picking me as a featured artist for their ‘Radical Renderings’ article in the March ’15 issue.  This is the coolest thing to see my work on the pages of one of the oldest and most respected automotive magazines ever. Here is a link to …

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Entryway Cabinetry

Entryway Hero

The entryway to our house has always been a bit of a mess.  We walk in the door and drop our stuff, kick off shoes then go about our business.  We kept some stuff here, some there, but nothing seemed like it was ever where it should be.  My wife asked me to design and build a custom set of …

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Racing Portrait

Corso Hero

This was painted in photoshop using a photo reference of a friend of mine on the track. The goal was to try and convey the vivid colors, the action and the speed of this moment. I didn’t bother putting the background in, i felt like it detracted from the subject.

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Portrait for a friend

Hopekids Hero

This is a portrait that I painted for a friend on his birthday of his two youngest kids.  I printed it on a 24″ x 36″ canvas then applied a coat of workable fixative and continued to paint using watercolor.  I finalized with a coat of matte medium. I was working from a low resolution camera phone photo taken in …

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Subwoofer Box Plans

Subbox Hero11

This is a set of plans that I drew up for a sub woofer box that I built for the trunk of my Altima in 1998-ish.  Now that I do all my drawings on a Cintiq, I look back on these plans and realize that even though the medium I work in is different, the process is still the same …

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Statue Drawing Step by Step

Statue Hero11

I drew this from a statue ‘The Greek Slave’ by Hiram Powers. This is an exercise that I did in a series to practice light and shadows. This one is the first in a series of two drawings of this statue. There is something liberating about drawing from sculpture. The sculptor has already thought through the process of how to simplify complex …

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Does my work count as art?

Rant Hero1

  Lately, I’ve been on a drawing kick. With all the graphic design & web design I do, this is my creative release and a way to keep my skills up.  I post my work on various sites and forums around the web and I get lots of feedback from around the community.  I spent most of my life drawing …

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Girl with wet hair

Lucybath Hero1

This is a drawing that I did of my daughter when she was playing in the bathtub.  We have a bubble bath bubble maker, so she was sitting in bubbles and large bubbles were showering down on her and she couldn’t decide which ones were more fun.

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The Girls in Disney

Thegirls Hero1

This is a sketch that I did of my three daughters that I did while sitting on the couch with them and watching Disneys new movie Frozen.  The inspiration for the sketches was taken from the general look and feel of Elsa and Anna when they were children in the first part of the movie.  I thought it would be …

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Anatomy Practice

Skull Hero1

After all the years that I’ve been drawing, anatomy and bone structure still remain at the top of my list of things that I would draw if I didn’t need to worry about making a living. Working the human skeleton into more basic geometric shapes and stylizing features of bones still brings me a large amount of satisfaction.  Whenever I …

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Mother and Child

Giraffe Hero1

This is the first in a series of nature drawings that I want to do that feature mother and child.  This series was inspired by watching my wife playing with our daughters the other day, since then I’ve been hyper aware of the mother/daughter relationship in humans and in the natural world.  There are very few things in nature that …

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Spot illustration for client

Tozun Hero1

This is a little spot illustration that I did for a client for use in their math jingle videos on youtube.  They wanted it to be a graphic that could serve as a logo/watermark and show a little bit about their personalities while being fun.  The original drawing didn’t have them singing, but just smiling.  They asked that I make …

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Doodle of a can – just for fun

Can Hero

This is a doodle that i did of a can of diet coke during a class the other day.  It was done on the back of a business card with a ball point pen. I am an auditory learner, so that means i absorb information best when I am doodling and listening at the same time.

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$500 Kick Ass Kayak Trailer

Kayak2 Hero1

From time to time, I like to build things.  This typically means trips to home depot and lots of sheet goods like 4’x8′ plywood sheets, 2x4x10’s and 14′ trim boards.  It also means moving finished projects from place to place.  I needed a trailer.  I also go kayaking/camping with my daughter regularly and figured I could build  a double duty …

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Bed Design

Bedframe Hero1

This is a project that I did with a friend to replace the rickety cheap scissor frame that he and his wife were sleeping on.  They have a cal king memory foam mattress which is very heavy on a wobbly frame with two people on it makes for a wobbly sleeping experience.  We decided to build a new solid wood …

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