ben drolet marcom award platinum winner

Award Winning Painting!

This cover painting was selected as the Platinum Marcom Award in 2013.

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Larry Fitzgeralds Social Media Artwork

Larry Fitzgerald Design

Larry Fitzgerald had me rework his social media campaign including his Facebook page, Youtube background and Twitter background and theme. I created this digital painting to help connect all three of these themes together around one powerful image that best represents Larry's personality.

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View some of my vehicle renderings
Ben Drolet Beat Rock App Design
With more than 10 years of UI design experience in desktop, Android and iOS development,  more than 10 million people are using my designs
Monkey Wars

Monkey Wars Game

The Make A Wish Foundation approached a few of us game developers and asked us if we would fulfill a wish for Ryan C. - "He wants to be a video game designer". So we got together with him and listened to his ideas. He wanted a game where monkeys throw poo - how could we turn him down?

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." Edwin Land

My Work

With more than 10 years in the design field as a professional, I have put together a large body of work in the following areas:

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For years I have used a number of outlets for my creativity – this blog is a place where I can share projects that I’ve worked on in the following types of areas:

  • Stuff I built
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  • Sketches & drawings
  • Photography
  • My inspirations
  • Everything else…

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Mother and Child

Giraffe Hero1

This is the first in a series of nature drawings that I want to do that feature mother and child.  This series was inspired by watching my wife playing with our daughters the other day, since then I’ve been hyper aware of the mother/daughter relationship in humans and in the natural world.  There are very few things in nature that …

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Spot illustration for client

Tozun Hero1

This is a little spot illustration that I did for a client for use in their math jingle videos on youtube.  They wanted it to be a graphic that could serve as a logo/watermark and show a little bit about their personalities while being fun.  The original drawing didn’t have them singing, but just smiling.  They asked that I make …

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Doodle of a can – just for fun

Can Hero

This is a doodle that i did of a can of diet coke during a class the other day.  It was done on the back of a business card with a ball point pen. I am an auditory learner, so that means i absorb information best when I am doodling and listening at the same time.

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$500 Kick Ass Kayak Trailer

Kayak2 Hero1

From time to time, I like to build things.  This typically means trips to home depot and lots of sheet goods like 4′x8′ plywood sheets, 2x4x10′s and 14′ trim boards.  It also means moving finished projects from place to place.  I needed a trailer.  I also go kayaking/camping with my daughter regularly and figured I could build  a double duty …

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Bed Design

Bedframe Hero1

This is a project that I did with a friend to replace the rickety cheap scissor frame that he and his wife were sleeping on.  They have a cal king memory foam mattress which is very heavy on a wobbly frame with two people on it makes for a wobbly sleeping experience.  We decided to build a new solid wood …

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Drawing of my daughter…. drawing…

Lucydrawing Hero1

  Our twins love to draw, just like their dad.  This was a drawing I did of Lucy while she was sitting at her arts and crafts table scribbling on a piece of paper intently.  I love the idea of toying around with what their though processes are at any given moment, and what she sees when she puts the …

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Portrait of a friend

Jarvis Hero1

On April 3 2014, my friend Kirk Jarvis was killed while driving home on his motorcycle.  I did this portrait for his family on the 1 year anniversary of his last day.

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Magazine cover artwork

Interrogation Featured1

This cover painting came with an excerpt from the text as a direction for the initial sketches: Safe Medicine - Policing the Supply Chain I wonder if you could come up with some ideas based upon the below type: …in the U.S., and simply keeping track of these legal medications is a daunting task. When you factor in the increasing numbers …

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Loft Bed Plans

Loftbed Featured1

I designed this set of plans for my older daughter who is about to move into her teenage years.  The carbed that I built for her 3rd birthday has become a bit childish for her now. She has a rather small bedroom and currently doesn’t have the space for a desk or reading chair.  The plan is to utilize a …

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Bunkbed Plans

Bunkbed Hero1

Here is a basic plan in its first draft for the bed I want to build for the twins when they are about 3(ish).  The bedroom is too small for two twin mattresses and a play area, so I want to do bunks.  But if I’m going to build bunks,  I want to build nice ones.  This design incorporates a …

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Portrait – Just for fun

Evagreen Featured

This is a step by step tutorial of how I painted Eva Green.  This woman has a captivating stare and I saw two photos of her from a photo shoot she did for a James Bond movie and this is my drawing of one of them. Done on a Wacom Cintiq 24HD in Photoshop.  Reference photograph used but not traced, about …

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Platinum Marcom Award for 2013! Highest Honor!

Ben Drolet Marcom Award Winner

I just received word that I have won my 6th  Marketing and Communications Award (Marcom) for 2013.  This is the fourth year running that my work has been awarded, and with more than 6,000 entrants in the US & Canada this year, it is an honor to accept this award.  Thanks to FFF Enterprises for having me handle their artwork …

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Advertisement concepts for No Bush

Nbads Featured

Here are a series of ad concepts that I created for No Bush.  These paintings were meant to be concepts and ideas for what some of their photo shoots should be set up for.  The final audience will be GQ, Maxim and Mens Health.    

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Ring Designs

Ring Features

UPDATE:  I just received these two photos of the first ring design completed off the line – I don’t have any of these rings in my possession yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing them in person: A client contacted me with an unusual project – jewelry design (unusual for me anyways).  They secured a contract for a line of …

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A painting of my daughter

Cara2 Featured

This is a step by step tutorial process that I saved out in stages. I start with a loose blueline sketch, then a much tighter line drawing where I focus on defining the shapes and outlining the highlights/shadows. Then I usually fill the whole area with a middle value. Once I have that done, its just about creating multiple layers …

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