Truckin’ Magazine Wrote A Second Article on my Work!

Truckin’ Magazine Wrote A Second Article on my Work!

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The guys at Truckin’ Magazine have done it again. Thanks to the staff over there for picking me as a featured artist for their ‘Radical Renderings’ article in the March ’15 issue.  This is the coolest thing to see my work on the pages of one of the oldest and most respected automotive magazines ever.

Here is a link to the article

“Ben Drolet is an award-winning illustrator and designer who graced these pages in the recent past with his realistic and seemingly in motion artwork. Some of his early work was done with automotive companies like Stillen, SSE, AP Racing, Nissan, Chevrolet, Shelby, and many more. Spending most of his time nowadays as the Creative Director for a web design agency and mobile agency that specializes in corporate branding packages, the rest of the time is spent painting magazine covers for one of the biggest medical companies in the world, building furniture in his garage, and creating kickass renderings for the likes of Rockstar Garage, Gran Turismo, Tonka, as well as custom car and truck builders from across the country. Having gotten his start in and around the automotive world, Ben expanded his talent pool to where he is now but still remembers his roots and continues to do vehicle renderings.

Having a full list of parts, including black-out tinted windows, Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Bumpers, T-Rex X-Metal Grille, Fiberwerks fender flares, SnugTop slant top bed cap, Rigid Industries 40-inch LED lightbar on front bumper, smoked projector headlights, N-Fab wheel-to-wheel steps, and side-exit exhaust.

This ’12 Chevy Silverado HD that was going to be a project for a client that never came to be. It was supposed to be a fast and tough military-inspired vehicle designed for quick recovery missions—lifted, yet low slung to clear 40s, body and accessories in flat black color with gloss black decals.”

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