Truckin’ Magazine Article on Me!

Truckin’ Magazine Article on Me!

Ben Drolet Truckin Magazine Article Radical Renderings 3

Well, the guys over at Truckin’ magazine decided to do an article on me and my vehicle renderings in the December 2012 issue of Truckin’ Magazine! For those of you who don’t know, Truckin’ is the longest running off road publication dating back to the 1970’s. It is also the most read truck magazine on the market – sort of the ‘car and driver’ for truck guys. Anyway, they contacted me about 2 months ago and asked if they could do a 2 page spread on my artwork in their magazine called ‘Radical Renderings’. I sent them a bunch of my artwork and did a short interview and here it is! Unfortunately, it looks like they sold the second page of the article to ad space, but I’m just honored that they would pick me out of the thousands of artists out there to be in their final issue of 2012!

ben_drolet_truckin_magazine_article_radical_renderings (1)

ben_drolet_truckin_magazine_article_radical_renderings (2)

ben_drolet_truckin_magazine_article_radical_renderings (3)

ben drolet truckin magazine article radical renderings

  1. ChristiChristi08-29-2013

    Its pertty cool that you are in a magazine, is that picture next to the article of you?

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