The Main Garage Wall

The Main Garage Wall

Since we bought our house, I have gone through so many plans in my head for how to set up the garage, but none of them were hitting the spot.  Its funny how the inspiration for a project can grow in the back of your mind over time then just come out all at once when the pieces are all in place.

Originally, I was going to put my workshop and tool storage space here, but I realized that the nook in the corner of the garage was ideal for this which left the office wall open, so I hung a dart board.  After I built the toyboy for the girls I had an extra 8′ piece of furniture grade plywood left over that was just the right depth for a bar, the gears started turning.  I went back to the original mockups that I did and merged them together into one.

Within one day of finishing the toy box, I was already building this space, I never even put my tools away.  One of the things that I had to keep in mind is that eventually, I’m going to have a pool table in this space, so the bar top can’t come out too far off the wall, plus I need to leave at least 24″ for a captains pool table chair on the right hand side where the air tank is now.

My old SONY speakers that I’ve had since I was 12 years old got a paint job and a new set of woofers for this job.  I mounted them using bar plumbing from home depot, the same stuff I used on my office shelving unit.  I was concerned that the brackets wouldn’t hold the weight, but I mounted them to 2×4’s that were mounted to the studs, they are rock solid.

Once I had the bar top measured out and spaced correctly, I built the two end caps or cabinets for either side to support the bar.  The one on the left has a hinged cabinet door with a knob to hold a pc, and general bar storage, the one on the right will have an open front and hold my eq, amp, and fridge.  The trickiest part of building these is that I know that I will eventually use a plastic snap lock tile throughout the garage floor, but the bar top has to stay at the same height.  Also, I will need to keep the MDF off of the floor in case there is a spill because MDF will swell.  So, I bought adjustable feet for the bases that raise them up well over 1″ off the ground.  This way when I get the flooring, I will just raise the feet to the level of the floor and keep the bar top at the same height.

After the end cap cabinets were done, it was all about paint, stain and polyurethane.  I used aluminum trim for the bar lip and back where it attaches to the wall to give it a clean look.  A few bar-stools, a stolen street sign and viola!

I’m really proud of the fact that I built all of this stuff using leftover pieces of building material with the exception of the aluminum trim that is on the edges and back of the bar surface. I also ran into a bit of random luck because the amp that I am using had exactly 1.25″ of extra space above it when its resting on the base the way I mounted it.  As it so happens, the eq that I bought after this was built was exactly 1.25″ in height, it was a tight fit, but it slipped right in the first time without any fuss.

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