Technical Illustration of A Bike

Technical Illustration of A Bike

This project was done for a small start-up company in phoenix who is taking Felt Cruisers and turning them into motorbikes.  The client was adamant that they be able to modify the color schemes of the bike with a minimal of fuss so they could create all the colors, patterns and textures they had available  on their own without having to pay for each unique piece.  I set this file up for them so they could modify the color by changing two simple layer colors in the picker, or by overlaying a pattern over those two layers quickly and easily.

I did the entire bike illustration in Adobe Illustrator, then reassembled the pieces in Photoshop so the client could modify it using their software.  A high level of detail was not necessary as the widest the image would be viewed was 650 pixels on their website.

bike_1closeup_4closeup_5 closeup_6 closeup_3 closeup_2



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