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Aged Woman Cover Illustration

Agedwoman Featured

UPDATE: This magazine cover won a Platinum Marcom Award in 2013! Thanks to FFF Enterprises for submitting it to the gallery! This is a magazine cover illustration that I painted to represent the scientific side of anti-aging research.  The editor opted for a split face illustration to get this point across.  This idea has been done many times before, but …

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Magazine Cover Painting

BSTQ Cover Large

Sometimes, you have an idea, and send a sketch to the editor and they tear it apart, pass it around, and change the whole thing with stuff like ‘lets add in some people, different diverse cultures cause we can’t look racist’ or ‘we love it, we just want to change a few things’ and then you end up with a …

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Medical Magazine Cover Painting

ben drolet magazine cover artwork

This issue of BSTQ was a bit of a rush job, so we stepped outside of our usual process and moved quickly.  The idea was to show the chain of service of medication from the creation of the product at the pharmaceutical corporation, to the doctor writing a prescription, to the pharmacist delivering it, to the end user who takes …

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Figure Drawing – Just for fun

Figure Steps By Jammiman D5zb8bt

As an artist and a designer, I have to split my time between creative, fun stuff and projects that I am working on for a client.  From time to time, it seems like the client stuff takes over and sucks all the fun out of being an artist.  My first love as an illustrator has always been figure drawing – …

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Magazine Cover Painting

Ben Drolet Magazine Cover Art 2

Here is the latest magazine cover that I just finished.  The editor asked for an image of a hand putting the last piece in a puzzle that has an antibody or antibodies as the subject.  The goal is to show how science is decoding the nature of antibodies and how they effect the human condition. Here is the initial sketch …

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12 Random Figure Drawings


Most were done in figure drawing classes – 1997-1999.  I don’t edit my pages, these are in order including the good, the bad and the ugly! Enjoy!    

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Magazine Cover Illustration

Ben Drolet Cover Painting Illustration Masthead

This is the current issue of BSTQ cover illustration.  The idea that they wanted to get across was that many medical innovations never actually see their way to completion but run out of steam before the end. The original idea they brought to me was to have 7 or 8 diseases ‘racing’ to a finish line.  Each of them would …

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Portrait for a friend


A friend of our family recently passed away – I created this portrait to commemorate his life for his family.  My family (especially my daughter) will miss him.

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BSTQ Cover – Molecular Imaging

ben drolet illustration cross hatching magazine cover award winning

This is one of my favorite BSTQ covers, it also is an award winning cover taking down a Platinum Marcom Award in 2010.  The goal of the cover was to show a very cool looking image that gets the point across that molecular imaging is a badass bleeding edge technology that can target very specific ailments accurately and quickly.  The …

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