Subwoofer Box Plans

Subwoofer Box Plans

This is a set of plans that I drew up for a sub woofer box that I built for the trunk of my Altima in 1998-ish.  Now that I do all my drawings on a Cintiq, I look back on these plans and realize that even though the medium I work in is different, the process is still the same and I spend the same amount of time obsessing over the details.

The idea behind this box was to get a very specific tuned inner volume, but I wanted the box to spread across the whole trunk space.  This meant that I had to have a very shallow box, too shallow for the sub that I wanted to use so I had to get creative.  I stacked 4 3/4″ mdf rings on top of each other to make a sort of tube to encase the woofer.  This gave the woofer enough clearance, but the main chamber of the box was still too big.  This meant that I would have to make a curved back out of two sheets of 1/2″ mdf glued together.  This gave me a little bit more trunk space and the curve significantly strengthened the large back sheet that I needed to fill the width of the trunk.  The tube that the sub was installed in was at the center of the box and fit right through the pull down armrest trunk access into the car which made it look very custom and cool.  Also that extra 3″ gave me two large spaces to mount amp racks.  This meant that when the trunk was open, no subwoofers, amps or box were visible and the trunk was still quite large because the depth of the box was only 7″ (ended up being about 9″).  This box was the loudest single sealed 12″ box I ever built.

After looking at the plans and noting the ‘OOOH BABY! THIS IS A GOOD ONE!’ note, I remember having a lot of fun with this project, Im glad I had the chance to look over it again.

DSC_0078 DSC_0081 DSC_0082

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