Steampunk Vehicle Concept Artwork

Steampunk Vehicle Concept Artwork

Steampunk APC Custom

I just dug this one up when I was going through some files from my last job at a video game design company called Digital Madhouse Studios.  This was a concept sketch that I threw together while I was waiting for a product launch push to go through late one night.

The company has now been defunct and the project dead for over a year, so it is probably safe to show this now.  This was going to be an armored personnel carrier for the steam-punk group in a side project game called Digital Warlord.  I really liked the aggressive stance and the way that the armor looks like something that B.A. would weld together in an episode of the A Team.

I really miss working with that group of clowns.


  1. NunyaNunya08-23-2012

    not bad!

  2. AnonymousAnonymous08-23-2012

    is this done on a tablet or on paper the photoshop?

    • ben@drolet.comben@drolet.com09-28-2012

      all done in photoshop using my wacom 21UX

  3. Travis McCarthyTravis McCarthy08-23-2012

    i love it, but the side with the sliding door needs more detail, otherwise its awesome

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