Ring Designs

Ring Designs

UPDATE:  I just received these two photos of the first ring design completed off the line – I don’t have any of these rings in my possession yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing them in person:

1383324_10201141908824508_1916268021_n 1959380_10201141908744506_338587251_n

A client contacted me with an unusual project – jewelry design (unusual for me anyways).  They secured a contract for a line of high end rings to be produced in small numbers and sold at high end retailers in the US.  They wanted designs from an artist who has no experience with jewelry design to design them so he could have a fresh take on his line.  They needed the rings to be based off of ‘dark’ tattoo style as well as ‘samoan’ pattern tattoos.  These were some sketches that I put together for them.



Dark_v3 Samoan_V1

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