My next woodworking project – kitchen table

My next woodworking project – kitchen table

How To Build A Rustic Wood Table

Here is the first design for a kitchen table that I want to build.  I recently picked up a bunch of 2″x8″x8′ oak boards that were the base of a waterbed.  The boards are a little older and beat up with lots of character.  This is my initial idea for a table design using these boards as a top.  The center section is a butcher block bar-top that I have laying around.

For the base, I like the idea of the semi rectangular shape made of 4×4’s.  It will be very solid, and strong, but it will also be very heavy which will help offset the top-heavy weight of the table top.  Most importantly though, the table will be sitting sideways across a 16′ set of glass doors and windows that let a lot of natural light into the room. This base allows that natural light to easily permeate the frame and light up the room freely.

I will be posting in progress shots as I build it out.

  1. AlyciaAlycia04-11-2013

    I love that some people still take pride in craftsmanship and really pay attention to the artistic side of woodworking. Its like all this target and ikea crap has taken over and nobody actually notices the beauty of the stuff they are working with. I love you put the dark spots on the top of the table and cherished them instead of hiding them. Wood’s supposed to have bumps and grooves, not like all the laminate stuff that everybody is selling now – beautiful table!


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