Automotive Photo Chops

Automotive Photo Chops

I consider Photoshop hacks and chops to be a complete art form unto themselves.  Understanding how to use Photoshop is only part of the art form, much like a painter knows how to stretch a canvas or mix his own paints, but what he ends up painting is more important than his ability to control his medium.

Here are a few of the chops that I did while I was the Art Director at Stillen.  This company was a bit cheap in terms of marketing costs.  Full fledged vehicle photo shoots had to be grouped together and only came about once a year.  I was the photographer – I had to learn the best practices as quickly as I could because we usually had 8-10 vehicles and less than a full day to shoot them in.  In this atmosphere, it is important to be able to ad-lib or chop images when the time comes.

A few of the below images were shot in the studio and heavily edited in post like the G37 image below:

This image was shot in the infinity room with tire tracks all over the floor and reflective objects all behind the camera. After I cleaned out all the artifacts and reflections of stuff on the floor, I added in a studio shot that I took of the Intake.  The final layer is an under hood shot that I took of this car while it was in the install bay out back.  Put them all together correctly and you have a magazine ready advertisement photo that looks like it cost a lot more than it did.  The 370z image below went through the same process, but the main car photo was taken in the parking lot on a rainy day.  To get from there to here was no small task.

This F350 image  is my favorite, it was taken in the parking lot with leaves all over the ground, and I had the camera set to manual (by accident) so the pics were all underexposed.  With a bit of tweaking, I came up with this:

And here are a few more parking lot shots that were given a new life:

Finally, here are a few more random images that were used in advertisements, magazines and catalogs.

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