Old School 1997 – Gameboard Design

Old School 1997 – Gameboard Design

This was a project that I as a midterm in a class at RIT called 2d design.  The purpose of the project was game design.  We were told to create a board game and design the pieces and board and any accessories needed to play the game.

This particular design was a drinking game – a sort of an inside joke or map of my freshman year in college that only the people involved would understand.  Every single item or object in the board represents a story or situation, down to the smallest detail.  To be honest, there are some stories in there that even I don’t remember anymore!

I created the illustration on one piece of 20″ x 20″ hot press board using every type of media I could find including pencil, ink, airbrush, watercolor, colored pencil, marker and acrylic. The whole project was done in an ‘all niter’ the night before the due date of the project.  I did receive an A.

  1. SamSam10-04-2012

    I love this gameboard! There are so many little details though it looks like there are a lot of mindsnack references on there… hehe

  2. BrianBrian10-06-2012

    nice 🙂

  3. MicaMica10-06-2012

    wow, that is old fashioned art! I haven’t seen an airbrush in years!

  4. AnonymousAnonymous10-06-2012

    Beautiful! What is the story with the blood on the door?

  5. AnonymousAnonymous10-07-2012


  6. AnonymousAnonymous10-08-2012

    Nice and clean man! Looks good, like the way you set up the background

  7. AnonymousAnonymous10-09-2012

    it’s awesome, well done!

  8. AnonymousAnonymous10-09-2012

    like it very much !

  9. HeatherHeather10-10-2012

    It looks so cool!

  10. AnonymousAnonymous10-10-2012

    is that a bong in there?

  11. AnonymousAnonymous10-14-2012

    I love that your design is loaded with stuff but doesn’t overdo it.

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