Ben Drolet – Illustration
Below you will find a small cross section of some of the types of illustration projects that I’ve worked on.

Ben Drolet Larry Fitzgerald Painting S

Painting – Larry Fitzgerald

Here is a digital painting that I did for Larry Fitzgerald's social media campaigns. He asked me to redesign his social media sites including Twitter (1,267,400 followers), YouTube and Facebook (521,232 likes). I created this painting as part of the background artwork to tie all of his social media together. He also had some printed in 24" x 36" format for his home (and mine 🙂

BenDrolet Illustration greg jennings

Painting – Greg Jennings

Once Greg saw Larry's profiles, he decided he needed to have them too, so this painting was created to tie his social media outlets together. This artwork is featured on Greg's Facebook page (166,557 likes), Twitter page (224,450 followers), and YouTube background.

Ben Drolet – Magazine Cover Artwork
Take a look at some of my award winning magazine cover paintings for BSTQ and IGL magazines. These are all digital paintings created in Photoshop using my Wacom Cintiq 24HD
BSTQ 2016 04 Full Issue 1

Bstq Ig1

Bstq Vaxgap 11

Bstq Anti1

Bstq I21c1

Bstq Sm1


BSTQ Cover V2

Ben Drolet editorial marcom gold award
BenDrolet Editorial Bstq4 L
BenDrolet Editorial Bstqmedicine L
BenDrolet Editorial Illustration Cover Dna
Ben Drolet Editorial Illustration Magazine Cover
Ben Drolet Editorial Illustration Magazine Cover

Ben Drolet – Editorial Illustration
Here are a handfull of spot illustrations that I’ve done in the past year. These are all digital illustrations created in Photoshop using my Wacom Cintiq 24HD
38 39 C Haggard Final

39 E Fecske Final

Threesketch Vsmall

Ben Drolet Editorial Illustration Fear
Ben Drolet editorial illustration taco night
Ben Drolet editorial illustration flippin
Ben Drolet Editorial Illustration Pride
BenDrolet Editorial Gonebad S
Ben Drolet editorial illustration dme
bendrolet print editorial divorce2
ben drolet editorial illustration divorce 1
BenDrolet Editorial Getaway S

Ben Drolet – Portraiture
Here are a few examples of traditional and digital portrait illustration work. I typically use a #2 pencil on canson paper, then touch up with airbrush. You will also see some examples of digital illustration and painting.

Ben Drolet Zoe 8

Jesika Final2

Ben Drolet Drawing Horse Cross Hatching Pencil Value Chart

ben drolet portrait painting of Larry

ben drolet portrait sal
Ben Drolet Illustration portrait doctor
BenDrolet Illustration brandon
BenDrolet Illustration hotrod
BenDrolet Illustration Floyd
bendrolet illustration Derek
BenDrolet Illustration Sarah
BenDrolet Illustration brady
bendrolet illustration zoe1

Ben Drolet – Character Design
Here are a few examples of character and asset artwork that I’ve created for games, books and tv.
Ben Drolet Assasins Creed Fan Art 1 10

ben drolet step by step illustration of a manga character

Dlg Pencil1

BenDrolet Sketches collection1
BenDrolet Sketches collection5
BenDrolet Sketches Collection6 L
BenDrolet Sketches crashbiggles
BenDrolet Sketches farmerjake
BenDrolet Sketches gamedesign
BenDrolet Sketches mermaid Atlantis
BenDrolet Sketches gorilla Monkey Wars
BenDrolet Sketches monkey wars
BenDrolet Sketches oldman
BenDrolet Sketches ruth
BenDrolet Sketches slimyegg
BenDrolet Sketches spacekid
BenDrolet Sketches tylerbed

Ben Drolet – Figure Drawing
Below you will find a handfull of the thousands of human figure drawings that I’ve done over the past 15 years.
Ben Drolet painting figure drawing Tyler Drawing
BenDrolet Figuredrawing Figure5 L
Ben Drolet painting figure drawing class pose 2
BenDrolet Illustration Skull L
Ben Drolet painting figure drawing reclining
Ben Drolet Sketches temptation figure drawing
Ben Drolet figure drawing davepose
BenDrolet figuredrawing post
BenDrolet figuredrawing apesback
BenDrolet figuredrawing figure4
BenDrolet figuredrawing back

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