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ben drolet app ui design LifePix

Project Lead – LifePix

LifePix is by far the most intensive and satisfying project that I've ever worked on. I was chosen to lead a team of 30+ developers, artists and designers to create a unique photo manipulating and sharing app for Facebook. This simple yet powerful app is loaded with features like sharing, saving and auto sending cards, photos or even entire scrapbooks. I also created 1000+ assets (frames, objects, embellishments etc) for sale within the app. I have never been more proud of a finished product.

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Ben Drolet App Ui Design Supa Supa Trucks

Game UI – Supa Trucks

One of three games that I am currently working on with Supa Supa Games. This game is a 3d stadium truck racing game designed for iOS and Android handhelds. My role in this game was art support and UI/UX design. These designs closely follow the flow and feel of the other Supa Supa Games titles.

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ben drolet app ui design the burbs

Game UI Design – The Burbs

The second offering from Digital Madhouse is a Facebook city building game. I was the lead UI/UX designer, and also a concept and production artist creating characters and assets for the game. The game has a sense of humor that is incorporated into the UI in a way that makes the addictive gameplay even more fun.

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Ben Drolet App Ui Design Zooka

Application Design – PC Antivirus

The user interface design for this suite of products was designed for the desktop PC market. We designed these programs to work together as a suite, so we unified the look and feel of each component.

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ben drolet app ui design elisabeth arden

Facebook App – Elizabeth Arden

This App concept was designed for Elizabeth Arden to help them improve their social presence. The goal was to give them a space on Facebook where they could more effectively market and ultimately sell more product. The App design incorporated virality, retention and monetization points using the 'look' feature where a user could create a 'look' on one of their own phots, then share that recipe with friends who would try the 'look' on one of their own photos.

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ben drolet app ui design xeno world

Game UI Design – Xeno World

Xeno World was Digital Madhouses first effort in Facebook gaming. They hired me on to handle the user experience and interface design. Ultimately, I ended up as one of the team leads in charge of game design, and character design as well as UI/UX. This project involved heavy illustration work and nurtured a lot of creative imagination in the process - I loved working on Xeno World.

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  • ben drolet app design

    App Nuke Uninstaller

    This App does one thing and does it well. It is a bulk uninstaller - that is it. Since it is so simple we decided to have some fun with the artwork and this is what we came up with. As simple as it is, it is still one of my favorite designs and it looks stunning on my Galazy S3.

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  • ben drolet app design award winning design

    Privacy Locker

    The Android History Eraser & Privacy App can keep your phone clean by clearing out your search history, browser history, text messages, market history, photo/video messages etc. with just one click. Simple and easy to use.

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  • ben_drolet_app_design_award_winning_artist_designer

    Dustpan System Cleaner

    Another simple one-function app designed to clear system memory with one touch. Simple to use and understand and very lightweight.

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  • Ben Drolet App Design Application Designer User Inteface

    TV Gossip & Recaps

    TV Recaps and Gossip is the best source for TV show reviews and celeb gossip. TV Recaps and Gossip free TV app is the best source for TV show reviews and the latest celebrity gossip.

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  • ben drolet application design mobile payment solution user interface

    iDeposit Mobile Payment App

    Process Credit Cards in real-time with the Virtual Credit Card Terminal. You will need an Account with to use this Application.

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  • ben_drolet_android_app_design_recipes

    Top Recipes App

    Make meals easy everyday with simple, organized Top Recipes. More than 40k installs! Cook like a top chef with the Top Recipes app for Android. What’s for dinner? Find easy meal ideas in a snap using voice search or text search. Found a recipe but don’t have all the ingredients you need? No problem. Save the missing ingredients to your in-app shopping list and open it at the grocery store. Or conveniently send the ingredients list to anyone via text or email.

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  • ben_drolet_app_design_android

    Speed Boost App

    Speed Boost is currently the number 1 rated free system speed app on Google Play with nearly 1 million installs and almost 25,000 5 star ratings out of 30,000 total ratings. The entire app is only 422k, with only 80k of that being artwork.

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  • COMP ICON 512x512

    GPS Navigation Compass App

    Lead the way with FREE GPS Navigation Compass for Android. Don’t spend another dollar on expensive GPS devices or tracking systems. This app is a free, easy-to-use digital pocket compass. It’s one less thing to carry when going hiking, backpacking, fishing or whatever adventure you have in mind.

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  • A9swI2Cw0GBfnenWK261lViwAsD5glgqAFdYSOWtgCusWkw3eqwpHX GBOzZItJ2uAw124

    Photo Saver App

    Easily upload and backup photos to Facebook from your phone or Android device. Easily upload and backup photos from your phone to Facebook with Photo Saver. Now you can take photos on your phone or other Android device without worrying about losing your precious digital mementos or those once-in-a-lifetime snapshots. Start protecting your photos using this delightfully simple photo backup app.

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  • RTDJ ICON 96x96

    Ringtone DJ App

    Nearly 100K installs! Make ringtones for free from MP3s on your phone! Stop searching for the perfect ringtone – make it! Ringtone DJ FREE for Android is an easy-to-use ringtone maker app. It quickly turns your music downloads and favorite MP3s to ringtones for your phone. Don’t settle for generic ringtones. Use your favorite songs to make custom ringtones in this fun mobile app.

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  • ben_drolet_app_design_android

    Wallpaper Apps

    Here is a series of wallpaper apps that were designed as a set. Because of the modular design of the app, the re-skins were easy and quick to implement for each category.

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  • ben_drolet_app_design_android

    Eco Boost App

    Nearly 50k installs! The Android Eco Power Boost FREE...uses recommended settings for the power remaining to optimize your battery use, improving battery performance very significantly. App size is 409k with artwork weighing in at 91k!

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  1. gggg10-21-2012

    Wow, what an impressive collection. Do you make all of these yourself or do you have help?

    • ben@drolet.comben@drolet.com10-22-2012

      Yes GG, I do all the design, then I create the artwork. After that, I hand them off to the coders who build them.

  1. seth07-31-14

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.