Jesikas Office Storage

Jesikas Office Storage


This was one of the first big carpentry projects that I did when once we bought our house.  My wife and I are not much for formal rooms, we feel they are pretty silly.  We decided to take the formal dining room and living room and turn them into an office space for Jes and a play area for our kid (at the time we only had one).  Because this is a main focal point of the house when you first walk in the front door, I wanted it to have a nice clean crafty look but still have lots of storage.  This meant building a large toy box for Zoe to keep her toys in and some cabinets and a desk/table area for Jes.

I built everything there except for the 4 base cabinets that we had when I started, I sort of designed everything else around those cabinets.  I love projects like these – my only real concern is I am looking over the house as it is and I am running out of spaces to build stuff!

  1. mj kimmj kim07-31-2013

    i would like it better if it was made out of a solid hardwood and stained/laquered, but the overall liik is really nice. The mrs. is a lucky girlie!

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