Hero Garage – My First TV Pilot

Hero Garage – My First TV Pilot

A few years ago I worked with Nic Ashby (from LDRShip Designs & Rockstar Garage) as the lead artist for a TV pilot called Hero Garage.  The premise of the show was to take a civil servant that was injured in the line of duty (ie. a fire fighter, police officer, soldier etc.) and hook them up with a vehicle that was specialized to his or her needs and likes.  We had the ability to modify a car or truck in almost any way to accommodate their needs.

… it didn’t get picked up, by any network, anywhere.  I was so bummed out about it, I really thought the premise of the show was strong. The timing was good and the process was infinitely repeatable.

Two mice fell into a bowl of milk… I’m sure it’ll happen someday.

Its fun to look back at my old office when I was the Art Director at STILLEN and the people that I used to work with in the automotive industry. I haven’t been back to CA since I moved to AZ, but if I did, I would love to swing by the old shop and see if anyone is still there.

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