Sketches for my computer desk

Sketches for my computer desk

Post Desk

So I’ve had this ZLine metal and glass desk for about 10 years and I was sick of it.  It was too small for the space and rickety – and I mean seriously rickety.  If I would bump it when I walked by my monitors would shake like they used to in CA.  Over the past two years or so I’ve drawn up a series of sketches and comps for what I want the ‘ideal’ illustrators desk to be.  Since my equipment changes every year or two, this is no easy task.

I started with some sketches where I had a drafting board that took up about half of the desk area.  At the time this made sense, I’m an illustrator – I need a drafting board… right?  Wrong.  I use my Cintiq 21UX for almost all my illustration work now, I barely ever open a sketch pad anymore so I nixed that idea.  The other main thing is that it needed to be solid, no more bouncing monitors or glass surfaces.  Other than that I wanted:

– More storage
– Hardwood top
– No joist or support in the center of the desk
– No more monitors sitting on bases

Here are all of my sketches that I pulled from for the final design and the desk as it is now:

  1. JustinJustin07-28-2012

    now you just have to build it!

  2. AnonymousAnonymous07-30-2012


  3. AnonymousAnonymous08-06-2012

    it took you years to design a desk?

  4. moullyloordmoullyloord08-13-2012

    do you have final plans drawn up yet or is this still just sketches?

  5. AnonymousAnonymous08-15-2012


  6. AnonymousAnonymous08-26-2012

    what about the lines in between the planks, how do you write on the desk?

  7. anonanon09-13-2012

    I did the same thing but i used the countertops from ikea, they are like butcher blocks, very solid. Nice designs!

  8. JamesJames09-25-2012

    I like the red and black one with the adjustable top

  9. skysitterskysitter10-02-2012

    Do you do all that in Adobe Illustrator?

  10. AnonymousAnonymous10-08-2012

    very talented beast

  1. Office Desk – Finished!07-26-12
  2. controller02-04-13

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