Don’s Mach 1 Mustang Rendering

Don’s Mach 1 Mustang Rendering

Dons Mach1 Sketch

This is a rendering that I did for my uncle Don.  He has a few cherry late 60’s mustangs in the stables and I thought he could use a poster for his new garage.  This is by far one of the most beautifully designed classic cars ever in my opinion.  I went through a couple of tire angles on this one, but I am happy with the final.  I have a copy of this one hanging in my garage at home as well.

  1. AnonymousAnonymous08-01-2012

    I think that is a ’67

  2. GregGreg09-03-2012

    Fucking sweet!

  3. Adam HartfordAdam Hartford09-16-2012

    i don’t like the wheels but the draing is kewl

  4. Samantha TrannaSamantha Tranna09-17-2012

    there is something about pencil sketches that makes me happy 😉

  5. BillBill09-17-2012

    is that a 302?

    • ben@drolet.comben@drolet.com09-28-2012

      its a 428!

  6. NunyaNunya09-18-2012


  7. Paul SmithPaul Smith09-19-2012

    Great drawing, exactly what I wanted to find.

  8. Heidi FHeidi F09-22-2012

    I love this car!

  9. KumaKuma09-25-2012

    I love the line work – sweet! I always like seeing sketches and final drawings next to eachother.

  10. JimJim09-25-2012

    Wait, he has two of them?

    • ben@drolet.comben@drolet.com09-28-2012

      Yes, one is a 396 convertible

  11. AnonymousAnonymous09-27-2012


  12. ElsnerElsner09-28-2012

    how hard is it to change the colors?

    • ben@drolet.comben@drolet.com09-28-2012

      no, i have the color on a separate layer so it is easy

  13. AnonymousAnonymous10-01-2012

    Looks good B

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