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Homemade Disc Golf Target – DIY (on the cheap)

Bendrolet Basket Hero

I was introduced to disc golf in the early 2000’s in Rochester NY.  Some friends came by and asked me if I wanted to play ‘frolf’.  I grabbed my Frisbee and headed off to Chili Disc Golf Course at Baker Farm which was about 10 minutes down the road from where I lived at the time.  I played the first …

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Professional Horseshoe Pitch (sort of)

Horseshoe Hero

An old friend of mine pointed out that I had the perfect spot in my backyard to build a horseshoe pitch.  About a week later, he said that we should build one and it appeared he put some thought into it because he started sending me specs and pics of other pits that he had researched. The drawings he sent …

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Entryway Cabinetry

Entryway Hero

The entryway to our house has always been a bit of a mess.  We walk in the door and drop our stuff, kick off shoes then go about our business.  We kept some stuff here, some there, but nothing seemed like it was ever where it should be.  My wife asked me to design and build a custom set of …

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Subwoofer Box Plans

Subbox Hero11

This is a set of plans that I drew up for a sub woofer box that I built for the trunk of my Altima in 1998-ish.  Now that I do all my drawings on a Cintiq, I look back on these plans and realize that even though the medium I work in is different, the process is still the same …

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$500 Kick Ass Kayak Trailer

Kayak2 Hero1

From time to time, I like to build things.  This typically means trips to home depot and lots of sheet goods like 4’x8′ plywood sheets, 2x4x10’s and 14′ trim boards.  It also means moving finished projects from place to place.  I needed a trailer.  I also go kayaking/camping with my daughter regularly and figured I could build  a double duty …

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Bed Design

Bedframe Hero1

This is a project that I did with a friend to replace the rickety cheap scissor frame that he and his wife were sleeping on.  They have a cal king memory foam mattress which is very heavy on a wobbly frame with two people on it makes for a wobbly sleeping experience.  We decided to build a new solid wood …

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Loft Bed Plans

Loftbed Featured1

I designed this set of plans for my older daughter who is about to move into her teenage years.  The carbed that I built for her 3rd birthday has become a bit childish for her now. She has a rather small bedroom and currently doesn’t have the space for a desk or reading chair.  The plan is to utilize a …

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Bunkbed Plans

Bunkbed Hero1

Here is a basic plan in its first draft for the bed I want to build for the twins when they are about 3(ish).  The bedroom is too small for two twin mattresses and a play area, so I want to do bunks.  But if I’m going to build bunks,  I want to build nice ones.  This design incorporates a …

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Butcher block kitchen island

Island Featured

Our kitchen.  This space in the house was one of the few spaces that we have done nothing with since we moved into our house.  The previous owners did all new cabinets and carved out a decent pantry space plus put in a new oven, but they left the old blue/brown laminate counter tops there for us. The edges of …

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Rustic Wood Bench

Ben Drolet Farmhouse Bench 3

Here is the wood bench that I built to match the Rustic Wood Table that I built in February.  I was originally going to build the bench side by side with the table, but the main table was a great deal of work and I wanted to take a break for a bit before finishing it.  This would also give …

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Woodworking Plans – Flip Up Table

Table Featured1

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my workshop building my kitchen table over the past few weeks.  One thing that I am noticing is that I need more table space for working on long pieces.  Also, I have two folding tables that I use for projects and they are not nearly as sturdy as I would like for …

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How To Build A Rustic Wood Table

How To Build A Rustic Wood Table

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve been working on a new kitchen table for my home.  We routinely have large groups (10+ people) over for dinner and our current 6 1/2 foot by 40″ table wasn’t working anymore.  Adding a folding table to the end of your dinner table with cold metal chairs from the garage was getting old. A …

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Lego Milennium Falcon

Ben Drolet Lego Millenium Falcon 11

My daughter and wife bought me the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego kit for Christmas.  The kit (7965) has 1,254 pieces and when assembled is over 18.5″ from bow to stern. My daughter and I spent about 10 30 minute sessions building the kit that had 2, 80 page instruction booklets for assembly.  It came with 6 figures and only …

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Lego Xwing Fighter – Christmas Present

Ben Drolet Lego Xwing Fighter 5

My daughter bought me the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 9493 for Christmas this year – we built it together over the course of two evenings in a total of about 4 hours.  It was fun to build with her, she is competitive so we raced when there were identical pieces that needed to be made – lots of fun! Overall …

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My next woodworking project – kitchen table

How To Build A Rustic Wood Table

Here is the first design for a kitchen table that I want to build.  I recently picked up a bunch of 2″x8″x8′ oak boards that were the base of a waterbed.  The boards are a little older and beat up with lots of character.  This is my initial idea for a table design using these boards as a top.  The …

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