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Shooting in the Studio


When I worked as the Art Director for Stillen, we would take groups of vehicles to ‘the cove’ which was an infinity room at a small photo studio that was up the street from our offices.  An infinity room is simply a room where all the corners have been rounded out with plywood and plaster.  The idea is to make …

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Automotive Photo Chops

BenDrolet Photoshop Gseethru L

I consider Photoshop hacks and chops to be a complete art form unto themselves.  Understanding how to use Photoshop is only part of the art form, much like a painter knows how to stretch a canvas or mix his own paints, but what he ends up painting is more important than his ability to control his medium. Here are a …

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Hangin’ Out With Adama on the Bridge


I just came across these pics today, they were taken back in October of 2011. The owner of the company that I worked for back then was a HUGE Battlestar Gallactica fan. And when I say Huge, that doesn’t even come close to describing it. He had a section of the building set aside as a BSG museum – he …

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New Year – New Camera Gear


Well, the broken flash on my old Nikon D50 was starting to get to me. That camera has served me well over the past 6 years but now it’s time for her to move over and make way for the D5000. I love the new setup – 2 VR lenses, plus all of my old lenses still fit although my …

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Another Twins Shoot

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This is my favorite shoot so far.  This time they are back in the soft-box, but now they are getting old enough to start interacting with each-other – this makes for much more interesting photos.  They also can smile on their own and even outright laugh… I shot these with the new Nikon D5000 – so far, I love this …

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Product Photography – Clyclone

Cleaned 0074

A large mining company hired me for the day to photograph one of four first run mining cyclone heads that they will be producing. A cyclone is a tool that is used for separating materials from water in mining (from what I understand).  The four prototype cyclones that they had were a little on the beat up side with scratches, …

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2 Month Twins Photo Shoot

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Set them up in the photo studio with a white vinyl backdrop and three strobes.  For some reason, when I look at these pics now, the babies don’t really look much like themselves – if that makes any sense at all…

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The 1st Twins Photo Shoot

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These were a few pics from the first night that we had both the twins home from the hospital.  I put them on a blanket in my 3’x3′ softbox with two constant light sources.

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