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Entryway Cabinetry

Entryway Hero

The entryway to our house has always been a bit of a mess.  We walk in the door and drop our stuff, kick off shoes then go about our business.  We kept some stuff here, some there, but nothing seemed like it was ever where it should be.  My wife asked me to design and build a custom set of …

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Subwoofer Box Plans

Subbox Hero11

This is a set of plans that I drew up for a sub woofer box that I built for the trunk of my Altima in 1998-ish.  Now that I do all my drawings on a Cintiq, I look back on these plans and realize that even though the medium I work in is different, the process is still the same …

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Loft Bed Plans

Loftbed Featured1

I designed this set of plans for my older daughter who is about to move into her teenage years.  The carbed that I built for her 3rd birthday has become a bit childish for her now. She has a rather small bedroom and currently doesn’t have the space for a desk or reading chair.  The plan is to utilize a …

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Ring Designs

Ring Features

UPDATE:  I just received these two photos of the first ring design completed off the line – I don’t have any of these rings in my possession yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing them in person: A client contacted me with an unusual project – jewelry design (unusual for me anyways).  They secured a contract for a line of …

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Drexyl logo

Drexyl Featured

Can’t give too much information on this one, its still in development, but this is a logo design that I am currently working on as a partner in a venture.

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How To Build A Rustic Wood Table

How To Build A Rustic Wood Table

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve been working on a new kitchen table for my home.  We routinely have large groups (10+ people) over for dinner and our current 6 1/2 foot by 40″ table wasn’t working anymore.  Adding a folding table to the end of your dinner table with cold metal chairs from the garage was getting old. A …

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Product Design Rendering

Ben Drolet Product Design

This is a product design comp done in phothshop.  The goal was to make it look as though it was created using 3d software.  A series of color and texture designs were created using this as the base.

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Steampunk Vehicle Concept Artwork

Steampunk APC Custom

I just dug this one up when I was going through some files from my last job at a video game design company called Digital Madhouse Studios.  This was a concept sketch that I threw together while I was waiting for a product launch push to go through late one night. The company has now been defunct and the project …

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Hangin’ Out With Adama on the Bridge


I just came across these pics today, they were taken back in October of 2011. The owner of the company that I worked for back then was a HUGE Battlestar Gallactica fan. And when I say Huge, that doesn’t even come close to describing it. He had a section of the building set aside as a BSG museum – he …

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Mark Newman – My New Favorite Artist

Kratos Sculpture By MarkNewman

I just have to post some of his stuff here – this guy is incredible. As an artist, I am always looking for inspiration from all sorts of places – I am no sculptor, in fact I’ve never really even attempted sculpture, but Mark Newman is what I would aspire to if I was in this field.  His understanding of …

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Office Desk – Finished!

Gallery Final1

So, after years of sketching out ideas and mockups, I finally got around to finishing my computer desk.  You can see some of my sketches from the original post here.  The main section of the desk is finally done. I built it using four sheets of 3/4″ plywood, alternated and laminated together with a 1/2″ thick solid wood flooring material …

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Jesikas Office Storage


This was one of the first big carpentry projects that I did when once we bought our house.  My wife and I are not much for formal rooms, we feel they are pretty silly.  We decided to take the formal dining room and living room and turn them into an office space for Jes and a play area for our …

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Sketches for my computer desk

Post Desk

So I’ve had this ZLine metal and glass desk for about 10 years and I was sick of it.  It was too small for the space and rickety – and I mean seriously rickety.  If I would bump it when I walked by my monitors would shake like they used to in CA.  Over the past two years or so …

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Baby Changing Table


In our laundry room, there was a perfect changing table size counter top area behind the door that looks like it was used as a folding station.  Unfortunately, there was some kind of trim there that the previous owners didn’t like, so they ripped it off and left huge holes in the wall around the table.  I couldn’t leave it …

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Baby Room Colors

BabyRoomColors V6

Had a heck of a time deciding what colors to paint the baby room.  The only thing we could decide on is that I was going to put in a white chair rail.  These were some of the comps that I made to help us decide. We also had an old fashioned ‘church window’ in the room.  These are common …

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