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Gorilla Man Illustration – Step by step

Nobush Featured

Here is a step by step breakdown of a conceptual illustration I did for a client.  The product is called No Bush and it’s a lotion that removes hair.  The client wanted a very specific look for their mascot/spokesperson.  A sexy male in excellent shape who had the head of an ape or gorilla with the hairless body of a …

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Painting of my Daughter

Lucyscowl Featured

This is a painting study attempting to capture a bit of my 2 year old daughters personality.  Recently, when told ‘no’ or scolded, she shoots back this disapproving scowl with a furled brow that will take you off guard if you aren’t expecting it.  If you return the same look back at her, she will begin to crack a smile …

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Another gift for a friends wedding

Sarasteve Featured

This is a painting that I did from a photo reference as a wedding gift. I did the painting as an 20″ x 26″ to be gallery wrapped.      This was the photo reference

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Technical Illustration of A Bike

Bike Featured

This project was done for a small start-up company in phoenix who is taking Felt Cruisers and turning them into motorbikes.  The client was adamant that they be able to modify the color schemes of the bike with a minimal of fuss so they could create all the colors, patterns and textures they had available  on their own without having …

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Drexyl logo

Drexyl Featured

Can’t give too much information on this one, its still in development, but this is a logo design that I am currently working on as a partner in a venture.

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Aged Woman Cover Illustration

Agedwoman Featured

UPDATE: This magazine cover won a Platinum Marcom Award in 2013! Thanks to FFF Enterprises for submitting it to the gallery! This is a magazine cover illustration that I painted to represent the scientific side of anti-aging research.  The editor opted for a split face illustration to get this point across.  This idea has been done many times before, but …

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Butcher block kitchen island

Island Featured

Our kitchen.  This space in the house was one of the few spaces that we have done nothing with since we moved into our house.  The previous owners did all new cabinets and carved out a decent pantry space plus put in a new oven, but they left the old blue/brown laminate counter tops there for us. The edges of …

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Painting of my wife

Jpaint Hero

Creative projects have been scarce lately, and even though I had work that I was supposed to be doing late tonight, I really felt like doing a painting of my beautiful wife, Jesika. This was based on a photo that I took of her one morning that we went out to breakfast – its silly, but this is one of …

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Painting of my oldest daughter

ben drolet portrait

This is a painting that I did of my daughter as a junior bridesmaid at a friends wedding.  I chose the parchment background early, but as the painting went on I think it was too rough and rustic for such a gentle subject.  For the final I chose to put it on a white background instead and I think it …

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Gift for a friends wedding

Cpaint Hero

This is a painting that I did from a photo reference as a wedding gift. I did the painting as an 18″ x 24″ to be framed into a 24″ x 36″ frame. Here is the reference photo that I used:

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Speed Painting of My Daughter

Lucyjean Featured

Sometimes I just see something that is too cute and I have to draw it – my daughter was sitting on the ottoman tonight playing intently with her little people for about 30 minutes straight – she barely moved! I had to do a quick painting.

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Magazine Cover Painting

BSTQ Cover Large

Sometimes, you have an idea, and send a sketch to the editor and they tear it apart, pass it around, and change the whole thing with stuff like ‘lets add in some people, different diverse cultures cause we can’t look racist’ or ‘we love it, we just want to change a few things’ and then you end up with a …

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Illustration for a friend

Abbeydean Featured

This is a simple illustration that I did for a friend for her 15th anniversary.  She sent me some pictures from her wedding that I used to do the illustration.  They wanted the quote “We’re all a little weird. And life is weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and …

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Tshirt design for a softball team

Tshirt Jwred 2

This was a quickie logo design for a friend of mine.  His softball team disbanded a few years back then a member of the team was killed in a car accident.  The team (formerly ‘Jerk One Out’) now decided to reform and name the new team after their friend.  His nickname was ‘the joker’ and he was an x marine, …

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Rustic Wood Bench

Ben Drolet Farmhouse Bench 3

Here is the wood bench that I built to match the Rustic Wood Table that I built in February.  I was originally going to build the bench side by side with the table, but the main table was a great deal of work and I wanted to take a break for a bit before finishing it.  This would also give …

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