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2015 Ford Mustang GT Widebody Kit Design

Mustang Hero

  Here is a step by step breakdown of my vehicle rendering process for a Mustang.  The goal was to make an aggressive looking lowered body kit that followed the lines of the new body style but added about 10-12″ in width overall.  The design called for a total package track car, plexi windows, roll cage, fire suppression system, adjustable …

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2015 Chevy HD Expedition Vehicle Rendering

Hd Hero

This one was designed to be an expedition truck that you could take out on a few month trip through a national park.  The frame mounted roof rack serves as a platform for a tent by night and/or kayak/gear storage by day.  The bed has a secondary rack system to keep permanent trail accessories installed like a jack, gas cans, …

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Truckin’ Magazine Wrote A Second Article on my Work!

Truckin 15 Hero

The guys at Truckin’ Magazine have done it again. Thanks to the staff over there for picking me as a featured artist for their ‘Radical Renderings’ article in the March ’15 issue.  This is the coolest thing to see my work on the pages of one of the oldest and most respected automotive magazines ever. Here is a link to …

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Bad Ass Honda Ridgeline Rendering!

ben drolet vehicle rendering automotive artist ridgeline honda truck

Here is a rendering of the final build stage of a Honda Ridgeline pickup truck.  The parts installed are: – Custom roof rack – LED lighting on roof rack – Custom bull bar – LED lighting on bull bar – 2″ lift kit – Flat black KMC wheels – Custom painted bug shield – Custom flat black grillecraft grille – …

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Truckin’ Magazine Article on Me!

Ben Drolet Truckin Magazine Article Radical Renderings 3

Well, the guys over at Truckin’ magazine decided to do an article on me and my vehicle renderings in the December 2012 issue of Truckin’ Magazine! For those of you who don’t know, Truckin’ is the longest running off road publication dating back to the 1970’s. It is also the most read truck magazine on the market – sort of …

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My first model kit

Ben Drolet Mustang 1970 Model Kit 9

I am painting, gluing and assembling my first model kit ever.  I find it hard to believe that I have waited this long to build a model car. I received a Lamborghini Miura when I was a kid, but it was an unpainted red plastic kit, so I just built it that way.  It looked crappy and wasn’t much fun …

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Shooting in the Studio


When I worked as the Art Director for Stillen, we would take groups of vehicles to ‘the cove’ which was an infinity room at a small photo studio that was up the street from our offices.  An infinity room is simply a room where all the corners have been rounded out with plywood and plaster.  The idea is to make …

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Steve Millen’s Cadillac


This is a rendering that I just found in an old work folder. I started this sketch years ago as a gift for Steve Millen “The All-Time Winningest Driver in IMSA GT History.” I was going to give it to him on his birthday, but I got busy and never finished it. I thought it was a shame to leave …

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My new favorite artist – Dwayne Vance


Dwayne Vance has an impressive body of work when it comes to vehicle rendering. Not only does he an incredible talent for drawing and painting, but he has a creative flair and style that make his sketches and finals all his own. On top of all his success, he still keeps his head on straight and continues moving forward. Spend …

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One of my many office spaces


Over the years, I have had a lot of workspaces and offices, but this one was one of the coolest. This was my office when I worked as the Art Director at STILLEN.  It was in a remote part of the building, near the server room with the A/C cranked and the lights off it was a great place to …

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Chevy 2500HD Military Themed Rendering

Ben Drolet Vehicle Rendering Concept Car

A company that I’ve worked with on a few project trucks asked me to design a GM 2500HD for them.  This design was part of a vehicle deck or proposal for a GM dollar car to go to SEMA 2012.  After several rounds of discussion, the decision was made to make this a Stealth themed vehicle with armor plated look, …

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Automotive Photo Chops

BenDrolet Photoshop Gseethru L

I consider Photoshop hacks and chops to be a complete art form unto themselves.  Understanding how to use Photoshop is only part of the art form, much like a painter knows how to stretch a canvas or mix his own paints, but what he ends up painting is more important than his ability to control his medium. Here are a …

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Hero Garage – My First TV Pilot


A few years ago I worked with Nic Ashby (from LDRShip Designs & Rockstar Garage) as the lead artist for a TV pilot called Hero Garage.  The premise of the show was to take a civil servant that was injured in the line of duty (ie. a fire fighter, police officer, soldier etc.) and hook them up with a vehicle …

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Steampunk Vehicle Concept Artwork

Steampunk APC Custom

I just dug this one up when I was going through some files from my last job at a video game design company called Digital Madhouse Studios.  This was a concept sketch that I threw together while I was waiting for a product launch push to go through late one night. The company has now been defunct and the project …

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RX-8 Rendering and Sketch

RX8 Rendering3

Here is a rendering and sketch that I did of my car.  There was no specific reason, I just hadn’t done a good drawing of this car yet and figured it was overdue.  I had a 24″ x 36″ of this printed and it’s hanging on my garage wall next to Don’s Mustang.

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