Baby Changing Table

Baby Changing Table


In our laundry room, there was a perfect changing table size counter top area behind the door that looks like it was used as a folding station.  Unfortunately, there was some kind of trim there that the previous owners didn’t like, so they ripped it off and left huge holes in the wall around the table.  I couldn’t leave it like that so I took a few strips of the carpet left over from the baby room and trimmed them to fit the white painted wood top of the counter.  Then I put in a lip on the front of the counter to contain the carpet and hide the edge.  Finally I trimmed the left, right and back sides with some materials I got at Home Depot somewhere in the back.

This has made such a huge difference in this space – it’s suitable for our little princesses now!

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  2. mass trafficmass traffic03-27-2013

    Its like a little palace for babies 🙂

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