Aged Woman Cover Illustration

Aged Woman Cover Illustration

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UPDATE: This magazine cover won a Platinum Marcom Award in 2013! Thanks to FFF Enterprises for submitting it to the gallery!

This is a magazine cover illustration that I painted to represent the scientific side of anti-aging research.  The editor opted for a split face illustration to get this point across.  This idea has been done many times before, but in this case they felt it would have the most impact.

Usually when people do this type of thing, they takes someone young and guess what they will look like when they get old.  This typically ends up looking like a bad makeup job from a movie (I hate it when they age actors in movies, it never looks right).  In this case, I chose to use a reference for the elderly woman on the left side, then I painted a young face on the right side that looks as though it could have been her.  This way the wrinkles and sags look believable.  I basically met the two faces in the middle, but for the younger woman I lifted everything a bit and smoothed her out, then added long blonde hair.

I do believe the cover has a strong impact at first glance, we’ll see what the response is when it ships next week.

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