2015 Chevy HD Expedition Vehicle Rendering

2015 Chevy HD Expedition Vehicle Rendering

This one was designed to be an expedition truck that you could take out on a few month trip through a national park.  The frame mounted roof rack serves as a platform for a tent by night and/or kayak/gear storage by day.  The bed has a secondary rack system to keep permanent trail accessories installed like a jack, gas cans, compressor, water, tool boxes and spare tire up off the bed to make space for other consumables like tents/bedding, mess kits, food storage etc.  The design also included custom wheel flares, lift kit, custom welded winch bumper, custom lightweight high clearance step skirts and a snorkel.

2015_HD_V0 2015_HD_V1 2015_HD_V2 2015_HD_V3 2015_HD_V4b 2015_HD_V4d

  1. mike rmike r01-28-2016

    Can i ask you what software are using and can you tell me were to get as well



    • ben@drolet.comben@drolet.com06-21-2016

      Hey Mike, I use photoshop and illustrator almost exclusively to finalize, but I usually start with pencil on paper.

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