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Bed Design

Bedframe Hero1

This is a project that I did with a friend to replace the rickety cheap scissor frame that he and his wife were sleeping on.  They have a cal king memory foam mattress which is very heavy on a wobbly frame with two people on it makes for a wobbly sleeping experience.  We decided to build a new solid wood …

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Drawing of my daughter…. drawing…

Lucydrawing Hero1

  Our twins love to draw, just like their dad.  This was a drawing I did of Lucy while she was sitting at her arts and crafts table scribbling on a piece of paper intently.  I love the idea of toying around with what their though processes are at any given moment, and what she sees when she puts the …

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Portrait of a friend

Jarvis Hero1

On April 3 2014, my friend Kirk Jarvis was killed while driving home on his motorcycle.  I did this portrait for his family on the 1 year anniversary of his last day.

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Magazine cover artwork

Interrogation Featured1

This cover painting came with an excerpt from the text as a direction for the initial sketches: Safe Medicine – Policing the Supply Chain I wonder if you could come up with some ideas based upon the below type: …in the U.S., and simply keeping track of these legal medications is a daunting task. When you factor in the increasing numbers …

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Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.