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Ring Designs

Ring Features

UPDATE:  I just received these two photos of the first ring design completed off the line – I don’t have any of these rings in my possession yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing them in person: A client contacted me with an unusual project – jewelry design (unusual for me anyways).  They secured a contract for a line of …

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A painting of my daughter

Cara2 Featured

This is a step by step tutorial process that I saved out in stages. I start with a loose blueline sketch, then a much tighter line drawing where I focus on defining the shapes and outlining the highlights/shadows. Then I usually fill the whole area with a middle value. Once I have that done, its just about creating multiple layers …

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Gorilla Man Illustration – Step by step

Nobush Featured

Here is a step by step breakdown of a conceptual illustration I did for a client.  The product is called No Bush and it’s a lotion that removes hair.  The client wanted a very specific look for their mascot/spokesperson.  A sexy male in excellent shape who had the head of an ape or gorilla with the hairless body of a …

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Painting of my Daughter

Lucyscowl Featured

This is a painting study attempting to capture a bit of my 2 year old daughters personality.  Recently, when told ‘no’ or scolded, she shoots back this disapproving scowl with a furled brow that will take you off guard if you aren’t expecting it.  If you return the same look back at her, she will begin to crack a smile …

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