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Sound Mixing App Design

ben drolet beat rock app design

This was a user interface that I designed for Red Foo of LMFAO.  This app is a sound mixing board where the user can create their own mashups and party mixes.  The colors are user selectable and it is actually usable on an iPhone! For such a complicated list of features and controls I believe this is a relatively straight …

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Horse drawing in progress

Ben Drolet Drawing Horse Cross Hatching Pencil Value Chart

There is no particular reason for it, I just felt like doing a value study.  I don’t often take the time to hatch on my cintiq, it feels weird to spend the time like I used to on these things when you have such an amazing time saving tool to speed things up, but every once in a while it …

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Chevy 2500HD Military Themed Rendering

Ben Drolet Vehicle Rendering Concept Car

A company that I’ve worked with on a few project trucks asked me to design a GM 2500HD for them.  This design was part of a vehicle deck or proposal for a GM dollar car to go to SEMA 2012.  After several rounds of discussion, the decision was made to make this a Stealth themed vehicle with armor plated look, …

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12 Random Figure Drawings

figure drawing ben drolet illustration charcoal study illustration sketch

Most were done in figure drawing classes – 1997-1999.  I don’t edit my pages, these are in order including the good, the bad and the ugly! Enjoy.  

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My New Favorite Artist – Husseindesign

Mercedes Benz SLS 2 By Husseindesign

I have been following Husseindesign (Hussein Al-Attar) for a few years now.  Though he is still a student of design, his work is not representative of an undergraduate.  His knowledge of form and motion mixed with his understanding of color theory and composition make his work stand head and shoulders above the rest. Another interesting thing about his work is …

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Old School 1997 – Gameboard Design

ben drolet gameboard design illustration mixed media airbrush

This was a project that I as a midterm in a class at RIT called 2d design.  The purpose of the project was game design.  We were told to create a board game and design the pieces and board and any accessories needed to play the game. This particular design was a drinking game – a sort of an inside …

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Automotive Photo Chops

BenDrolet Photoshop Gseethru L

I consider Photoshop hacks and chops to be a complete art form unto themselves.  Understanding how to use Photoshop is only part of the art form, much like a painter knows how to stretch a canvas or mix his own paints, but what he ends up painting is more important than his ability to control his medium. Here are a …

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The Main Garage Wall

ben drolet dream garage part 1

Since we bought our house, I have gone through so many plans in my head for how to set up the garage, but none of them were hitting the spot.  Its funny how the inspiration for a project can grow in the back of your mind over time then just come out all at once when the pieces are all …

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