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Hero Garage – My First TV Pilot


A few years ago I worked with Nic Ashby (from LDRShip Designs & Rockstar Garage) as the lead artist for a TV pilot called Hero Garage.  The premise of the show was to take a civil servant that was injured in the line of duty (ie. a fire fighter, police officer, soldier etc.) and hook them up with a vehicle …

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Editorial Illustrations

38 39 C Haggard V1

I usually don’t post these projects here, but I thought this was a good example of some of the quickie spot illustrations that i do for a few magazines on a monthly basis.  For the most part, I enjoy doing these types of illustrations to test my problem solving skills visually. I like this one because the client request was …

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Steampunk Vehicle Concept Artwork

Steampunk APC Custom

I just dug this one up when I was going through some files from my last job at a video game design company called Digital Madhouse Studios.  This was a concept sketch that I threw together while I was waiting for a product launch push to go through late one night. The company has now been defunct and the project …

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Keith Thompson – My New Favorite Artist

Keith Thompson

If you take a look Keith Thompsons Blog or his website, you will probably recognize his style from some of Guillermo Del Toro’s films.  Keith has a haunting imagination that rivals the most nightmarish creatures imaginable.  I can stare at his illustrations for hours, absorbing the painstaking level of detail.  I have come across his artwork on many occasions, and …

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Office Shelving – Part 2

Shelving 1

Once I had the new desk built, I realized that the HUGE white walls that it was mounted too were too blank and needed to be spruced up.  I had 4  14″ x 8′ plywood strips left over from the desk surface, so I decided to use those to make the shelving unit upper and lower.  The plan was to …

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Hangin’ Out With Adama on the Bridge


I just came across these pics today, they were taken back in October of 2011. The owner of the company that I worked for back then was a HUGE Battlestar Gallactica fan. And when I say Huge, that doesn’t even come close to describing it. He had a section of the building set aside as a BSG museum – he …

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3 Section Toybox for my 3 Girls

ben drolet toy box design

  We have a separate playroom for Zoe right now, and this is where she keeps all her toys that don’t fit in her room, her Legos and her TV/games/movies. We also have a small couch and table there for her. The problem is that she has so much stuff for dress up and Legos etc that the room gets …

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10 Of My Random Figure Drawings 1

ben drolet figure drawing with charcoal of a nude model


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