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Old School 1997 – Childrens Book Sketches

ben drolet drawing illustration sketchbook 1

Here is a series of sketches that I created for a children’s book idea that I had when I was in college.  I developed the idea from this sketch: The idea was that our main character ‘Tyler’ finds a key in his grandfathers box in the attic that allows him to travel to an alternate universe through mirrors.  In this …

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Product Photography – Clyclone

Cleaned 0074

A large mining company hired me for the day to photograph one of four first run mining cyclone heads that they will be producing. A cyclone is a tool that is used for separating materials from water in mining (from what I understand).  The four prototype cyclones that they had were a little on the beat up side with scratches, …

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Pinup Girls for Vamp

ben drolet vamp girls pinup pin up illustratoin

This company (Vamp) wanted a full branding package done – logo, website, packaging, print etc.  I created all of their branding, then I made a suite of product line pinup girl illustrations for them – one for each product line.  The goal was to show the classic ‘Elvgren’ style pinup – not slutty, but cute and playful.  I chose to …

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